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einfaches, leistungsstarkes Design

Gestalten und drucken Sie mit nur wenigen Intelligent Templates und unseren intuitiven Design-Tools tausende verschiedene Etiketten.


superschnelles Drucken

Stellen Sie sicher, dass Ihr Drucker die beste Leistung erbringt, indem Sie die kostenlosen Drivers by Seagull mit BarTender kombinieren.


hervorragender Support

Steigen Sie schnell und problemlos ein und finden Sie in kostenlosen Online-Schulungsvideos, Foren und Support-Artikeln die Antworten, nach denen Sie suchen.

Liste der vollständigen Funktionen







  • Free Business Label Toolkit: Robust design tools, Intelligent Templates and Basic Printing

    Core Design Features: Text, barcodes, lines, shapes, pictures, tables and more!

    Create Intelligent Templates: Reduce your label and document library by using auto-fit, text wrapping, conditional printing, layers and more.

    Printer Drivers by Seagull: Print labels, cards, barcodes and more at optimized speeds.

    Other Printer Drivers: Compatible with standard manufacturers’ drivers to print labels, cards, barcodes and more.

    Transform Data Dynamically: Modify or repair data with design tools prior to printing.

  • Dynamic Business Printing: Databases, data entry, security, encoding and manual printing

    Transfom Data Dynamically with Scripts: Modify or repair data before printing by leveraging VB scripting.

    Create Electronic Documents: Print 2000 e-docs a week with one printer license.

    Use Databases: Read and write data from text files, databases and Excel spreadsheets.

    Create a Database: Create your own simple database with Data Builder.

    Data-Entry Forms: Design data-entry forms that enable data input by keyboard or barcode scanner and provide data verification at print time.

    Multiple Records: Create packing slips, pallet labels and more by combining multiple records on a single document.

    RFID, Smart Card and Magnetic Stripe Encoding

    Image Capture: Capture images from cameras to print on cards.

    User-Based Security: Secure select BarTender design and print processes throughout your organization by user.

  • Efficient Automated Printing: Intelligent Forms and application building

    Integration Builder: Automatically print from another system or device in response to data transactions, web services and more.

    Create Intelligent Forms: Build scripts, actions and processes that respond automatically to user input or selections at print time.

    Process Builder: Build a customized print application without knowing how to code.

    .NET SDK: Build your own application that seamlessly interfaces with BarTender's API.

  • Comprehensive Enterprise Printing: Certified integrations, comprehensive security, and browser and mobile printing

    SAP Certified Integrations: Seamlessly print labels and more within SAP.

    Oracle Validated Integrations: Oracle Gold Partner resulting in seamless integrations with Oracle.

    Comprehensive User Based Security: Secure all BarTender design and print processes throughout your organization by user.

    Document Control: Centralized template repository that controls versioning, approval processes, and deployment.

    Electronic Signatures and Document Encryption:  Ensure end-to-end security and compliance in regulated industries.

  • Text

    Versatile font support: OpenType, TrueType, Adobe, PostScript, downloadable, and built-in printer fonts

    On-screen text editing and sizing

    Powerful Rich Text formatting using on-screen WYSIWYG editor

    Stretch text horizontally or vertically

    Automatic on-the-fly resizing of text to fit within predefined height and width

    Paragraph Formatting: Multiple alignment methods, line spacing control, indenting, and inter-paragraph spacing

    Kerning and inter-character spacing control

    Outline fonts

    Arc and circular text

    User-definable tab stops

    White-on-black text printing (specified with a single mouse click)

    Support for RTF, HTML, and XAML

  • Barcodes

    Numerous 1 and 2 dimensional symbologies

    Extensive library of industry-standard barcode formats

    Option to display start / stop characters

    Variable and unlimited width and height

    Minimum width limited only by printer resolution

    GS1 (formerly UCC/EAN) Application Identifier Data Source Wizard

    Automatic check digit capability

    Sequentially numbered barcodes

    Place "human readable" text anywhere in relation to barcodes

    Customizable "human readable" character template

    Independently suppress or display characters from different sub-fields

  • Graphics and Image Symbols

    Draw lines, circles, ellipses, rectangles, rounded rectangles, triangles, polygons, arrows, arcs, stars, and many other shapes

    Multiple dashed line styles and compound line styles

    Fill options for lines and shapes include solid color, multi-point gradient, pattern, and bitmap

    Import more than 70 graphic formats, including BMP, DCX, DIB, DXF, EPS, GIF, IMG, JPG, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIF, WMF, WPG, and more

    Integrated, online clip-art search and import

    TWAIN and WIA support for image scanners and cameras

    Basic image processing: Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, sharpness, smoothing, cropping and more

    Industry-specific graphic symbol font libraries

    Linked graphics allow external graphics to change dynamically

    Specify background images and colors for templates

  • Printing

    More than 4,000 industrial printers supported

    True Windows drivers, can be used by other programs

    Seagull drivers with status monitor display printer status in the standard Windows spooler

    Two-sided (“duplex") design and printing

    Custom page templates, including printing outside the label when printing multiple pages (such as for including page numbers)

    Multiple templates per document

    Integrated job separator templates

    Batch Maker defines and prints "batches" of multiple BarTender documents

    Print Station supports "single-click" document selection and printing

    Conditional printing of templates

    Export printer code templates to XML enabled printers

    Advanced on-screen print preview

    Advanced cutter control

    Set starting position on pages of partially used labels, cards or tags

    Supports printer-based barcodes, serial numbers, time, date, and copies

    Speed optimization reuses repeating data instead of resending it

    Local and network printer support

    Print quantity can be set from keyboard or data source

  • Card Printing and Encoding

    Print-time image capture, supporting WIA and VFW webcams

    Automatic face detection and cropping

    Magnetic stripe encoding

    Encoding of smart cards (both contact and non-contact)

  • Serialization

    Basic serialization: Numeric (base 10), alphabetic (base 26), and concatenated numeric and alphabetic sequences with increment / decrement by any interval

    Advanced serialization: Alphanumeric (base 36), hexadecimal (base 16), and custom base serialization

    Separate rollover / rollunder and value reset options

    Serialize per page or per job; reset counters when the time or date changes

    Serialize when data source or fields change; reset counters for each database record or with field changes

    Preserve or expand field length when rolling over

  • Data Sourcing

    Design print-time data entry forms for keyboard and barcode scanner data

    Share global data fields among all documents that use the same system database

    Database support using ADO.NET drivers to natively connect to your database

    Data from weighing scales supported by data entry forms

    Microsoft OLE DB and ODBC support, including drivers for: Access, AS/400, Btrieve, dBase, Excel, Informix, Interbase, MySQL, Oracle database, Pervasive.SQL, PostgreSQL, Progress, SQL Server, Sybase, and more

    Read Excel files

    Read ASCII & Unicode text files (quote & comma, fixed width, and user-defined delimitation)

    SAP-certified interface to AII (Auto ID Infrastructure) XML documents

    Read data from SAP IDocs

    Oracle-certified interface to XML print requests

    Drag and drop data linking

    Versatile multiple-table data access

    Import variable graphics from databases

    Data query wizard and custom SQL assistant

    Individual record-picking at print time

  • Data Processing

    Full-system Unicode support (field names, files, servers, printers, etc.)

    Visual Basic scripting for custom data processing

    Visual Basic Script Editor for simplified implementation, access and navigation of custom code

    Visual Basic scripting for document open, close, save, and print-time events

    Print-time search and replace function

    User-definable min and max field lengths

    Use and/or exclude select portions of database fields

    Customizable data-entry filters and error checking

    Custom configure the handling of individual messages and alerts

    Multiple data sources concatenated per template object

    Source data with keyboard, time and date (from PC or printer)

    Easy entry of special and "unprintable" control characters

    Shareable data fields

    Data type support, including: text, date, time, number, currency, percentage, and fraction

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